Safety Net Pharmacy Campaign

Safety Nets Pharmacies
Helps Us Help You

We are Kentucky’s Community Health Centers, dedicated to serving our neighbors in need. With a network of 29 community health centers spread across the state, we bring essential medical, dental, behavioral health services, and more to areas where access to healthcare providers is limited.
Our mission is to ensure that every Kentuckian, regardless of their circumstances, has access to quality healthcare. To achieve this, we rely on the support of the Safety Net Pharmacy Program, a federal initiative that allows us to provide discounted medications to our patients. These savings cover care costs, additional help for chronic diseases, and services that operate on a loss but are essential to the health of patients. Kentucky’s Community Health Centers reinvest 100% of their Safety Net Pharmacy savings right back into the community!

The Safety Net Pharmacy Program is a lifeline for Kentucky’s Community Health Centers! 


Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Commercial Health Insurance Plans use unfair contracts and discriminatory tactics to hurt our Safety Net Pharmacies. They are about making profits, even if it means hurting our health centers and the people we serve.
We need Kentucky legislation that fights for us! Twenty-two states have already taken a stand against discrimination towards Safety Net pharmacies. Kentucky can do it too!

Without legislative protections, Kentucky’s health centers could have to cut services and jobs. Let’s protect what matters most – protect the Safety Net Pharmacy program, protect our Community Health Centers!