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Lewis, Molly

Molly Nicol Lewis
Interim Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Stephen Houghland
Chief Medical Officer - CIN

FitzGerald, Rachael

Rachael FitzGerald
Chief Development Officer

Connors, Marilyn

Dr. Marilyn Connors
Chief Medical Director

Grant, Rick

Rick Grant 
Chief Financial Officer

Acosta, Joe

Joe Acosta
Chief Technology Officer

Advocacy and Government Relations 

Hogan, Doug

Doug Hogan
Director of Advocacy

Cooper, Teresa

Teresa Cooper, RN, CPC
Director of Government Affairs

Coffey, Chase

Chase Coffey
Senior Policy Advisor

Member Services


Drilon Gojani
Director of Member Services

Stanley, Ashley

Ashley Stanley
Learning and CME Coordinator

Woomer, Courtney

Courtney Woomer
Member Services Specialist

Grants and Program Development 

Gibson, Ashley

Ashley Gibson
Workforce Program Manager


Chera H. Mattox

Program Manager
EHE Initiative


Shantoria Gonya
Community Health Worker Program Coordinator


Chuck O'Neal
Director of Emergency Preparedness

Adkins, Carol

Carol Adkins
Community Engagement and
Outreach Coordinator


Cara Begley
Outreach and Enrollment Project Assistant

Martin, Jill

Jill Martin
Director of Behavioral Health

Independent Practice Association/ Clinically Integrated Network

Harilson, Noel

Noel A. Harilson, MS, CRHCP
Director, IPA Services

Meither, Angie

Angie Meither
Member/Clinic Relations Manager

Asher, Sammie

Sammie Asher
IPA Services Operations Manager


Edward Connors
Member/Clinic Relations Manager

Odum, Jasun

Jasun Odum
IPA Enrollment Specialist

Sturgill, Zach

Zach Sturgill
Member/Clinic Relations Manager

Hall, Stephanie

Stephanie Hall
IPA Enrollment Specialist

Information Technology

White, Matt

Matt White
Health IT Specialist


KaLeigh Hemminger
Project Management Specialist


Quality Imprvement and CIN

Parent, Julie

Julie Parent
Senior Practice Enhancement Specialist


Kyle Brubaker
Practice Enhancement Specialist

Barron, Mary

Mary Barron
Director of Quality Improvement CIN


Ceanna Shrout
Administrative Assistant

Vella, Jeff

Jeff Vella
Assistant Director of Patient Engagement


Hudson, David

David Hudson

Mefford, Amy

Amy Mefford
Finance Assistant

Cook, Daniel

Daniel Cook
Finance Assistant

Human Resources and Administration

Keltner, Brian

Brian Keltner
Director of Human Resources

Ronca, Lindsey

Lindsey Ronca
Senior Administrative Assistant

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