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Expanded Duties Dental Assistant
Position: Expanded Duties Dental Assistant
Organization: White House Clinics
Location: Berea,  KY 
United States
Posting Start Date: 3/14/2024
Date Posted: 5/23/2024


  1. Follows guidelines for patient workflow.
    1. Monitors schedule so that patients can be roomed promptly.
    2. Tags patients with appropriate status to indicate when rooming a patient.
  2. Completes all steps necessary to prepare operatory and room patient prior to dentist seeing the patient.
    1. Arranges the tray according to the treatment that will be completed.
    2. Ushers the patient from reception area and to the operatory chair.
    3. Seats the patient and places napkin.
    4. Ensures health history is completed according to guidelines and updates the patient chart with changes.
    5. Reviews chart notes from previous visit and verifies reason for visit or treatment to be completed.
  3. Assists the dentist throughout the patient visit and works under direction of the dentist to complete all tasks associated with direct patient care.
    1. Assists chairside while dentist is in operatory,
    2. Instrument passing and receiving,
    3. Oral evacuation and retraction,
    4. Preparation of materials.
    5. Obtain radiographic films and scan into the EDR system.
    6. Assist in patient prevention education.
    7. Placement of temporary restorations.
  4. Conducts expanded functions as directed by dentist
    1. Placement of restorations
    2. Cements temporary crowns, stainless steel crowns, and space maintainers
    3. Removes excess cement from permanent crowns and bridges
    4. Placement of sealants
  5. Completes patient paperwork associated with patient care as directed by the dentist and/or supervisor.
    1. Prepare lab boxes and label for mailing.
    2. Complete preauthorization requests.
  6. Maintains complete understanding of scheduling guidelines.
  7. Completes all steps necessary to finalize the patient visit after procedures are completed.
    1. Determines follow-up as given by the dentist.
    2. Explains oral post-treatment instructions.
    3. Cleans patient’s face (when necessary) and monitors patient exiting chair to ensure patient has regained proper balance.
    4. Schedules patient appointment for next visit using the established guidelines.
    5. Dismisses the patient by walking the patient to the front desk and asking the patient to check-out.
  8. Completes all necessary procedures for maintaining proper maintenance of the operatory and dental equipment.
  9. Uses downtime to complete activities that support efficient departmental operation.
  10. Completes departmental activities that support the hygienist to further support efficiency and team goals. 
  11. Employees are responsible are for maintaining a thorough understanding of their role in the following protocols and as protocols are updated periodically employees are expected to remain current on any updates.
    1. Clinical Guidelines for Dental Emergency Patient Appointments
    2. Dental Handpiece Maintenance
    3. Dental Back Office Patient Workflow
    4. Dental Pre-Authorization Log Maintenance
    5. Referral Tracking (Dental)
    6. Documenting Patient Insurance Type in EDR
    7. Entering Dental Charges Post Date of Service
    8. Instrument Sterilization via Autoclave
    9. Lab Case Procedure
    10. One-time Free Employee Bleaching Tray
    11. Periodontal Charting During New Patient Exams
    12. PPE Required for Sterilization of Dental Tools
    13. Preparation of Birex SE Disinfectant
    14. Rocephin Injections in the Dental Office
    15. Scanning Dental X-rays into Patient's EDR Chart
    16. Sealant Evidence Based Dentistry Indications & Placement
    17. Taking a Panorex X-Ray
    18. Troubleshooting Panorex X-Rays
    19. XPC BAI Sterilization
    20. Dental Scheduling Guidelines
  12. Performs related work and other duties or tasks as assigned.
  13. Acknowledges that White House Clinics strive to be a patient-centered medical home and, as such, prescribe to team-based delivery of primary care services.  Recognizes that the completion of the above listed duties illustrates the employee's role in team-based care and accepts responsibility for being an active member of the team, including identification of quality improvement opportunities. 


Minimum Education
High School Diploma and Certificate of Expanded Dental Assistant Functions
Minimum Work Experience
Minimum 1-year dental assisting experience preferred.
Required License


Successful applicants will be mature and well organized with pleasant personality and speaking voice. As this position works directly with the patient in providing direct and close contact patient care, professional appearance and a friendly demeanor are required.  Knowledge of dental office procedures, basic computer skills, and scheduling.  Position requires skills in verbal and written communication. Ability to communicate information clearly and effectively with patients and colleagues.  Ability to work effectively with co-workers as a team member. 
Status: This listing expires on: 6/22/2024
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White House Clinics

Berea,  KY 40403
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