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Clinic Site Coordinator
Position: Clinic Site Coordinator
Organization: White House Clinics
Location: Richmond,  KY 
United States
Salary: $40,000 +
Posting Start Date: 7/5/2023
Date Posted: 2/8/2024


  1. Works collectively with the Service Line Managers, Clinical Directors, Operations Directors and Senior Leadership teams to oversee daily clinic operations in assigned clinic location.
    1. Facilitates communication across departments to ensure optimal patient care and efficient workflow.
    2. Completes daily clinic vital sign statistics and distributes to clinic and management staff.
    3. Monitors departmental operations to ensure adherence to clinic policy and procedure and informs appropriate supervisors when staff deviate from standard protocols. 
      1. Serves as the onsite support for IT, senior leadership, and department managers to troubleshoot concerns and to facilitate and hasten solutions for clinic issues.  
    4. Monitors operational clinic data and reports variance from expected norms to departmental managers; collaborates with departmental manager to implement change efforts for improvements.
    5. Acts as onsite administrative support to identify issues requiring attention including but not limited to dress code infractions, frequency of tardies and absences, adherence to mandatory rest periods.  Provides in the moment coaching when applicable or advised by the supervisor and escalates ongoing concerns to the supervising manager for disciplinary action.
  1. Monitors daily staffing across departments and coordinates coverage needs with supervising manager and/or other site coordinators to ensure ample patient access.
    1. Manages provider schedule books and is responsible for blocking unexpected changes to the templates (provider call ins, short notice changes to the template, etc.).
    2. Coordinates with managers and team leaders to adjust daily staffing levels and coordinate cross clinic coverage.  Ensures covering staff are welcomed at the clinic and have all necessary items to work effectively.
    3. Completes documentation of provider payroll for designated providers each pay period. 
  1. Collaborates with supervising managers to ensure staff are prepared and capable of delivering exceptional care to patients.
    1. Ensures all mandatory trainings are completed timely; follows up with individual employees to assist in training completion.
    2. Identifies opportunities for training, education, protocol clarification, etc. and provides detail to the supervising manager as needed.
    3. Ensures appropriate emergency codes are followed and provides detailed reports to CEO or next highest-ranking member of administration available as outlined in the Emergency Operations Plan.
    4. Assists departmental managers and directors in facilitating in person training. 
    5. Monitors team member interactions with patients and visitors to ensure a high level of customer service and intervenes when necessary to repair service failures.
    6. Serves as the clinic Patient Advocate to handle upset patients in the moment, documents and provides follow up to concerns, investigates complaints and provides feedback to managers/directors and the patient. 
    7. Provides in the moment coaching to help staff navigate situations and reports concerns to supervisor for further disciplinary action. 
    8. Works to boost staff morale and coordinates the navigation of interpersonal issues and assists supervising managers in the mediation and resolution of issues. 
  1. Utilizes lean principles to oversee clinic ordering and ensures appropriate stock levels are maintained. 
    1. Confirms departmental orders are for approved items, align with stock supply quantities and are completed timely. 
    2. Completes routine audits of stock areas to ensure stocked areas are well maintained and that lean supply ordering practices are followed.    
  1. Serves as the in clinic contact for external vendors, visitors, and community partners.   
    1. Oversees clinic deliveries, interoffice packages, and daily mail and ensures items reach appropriate destinations.
    2. Acts as the point person for external vendors and pharmaceutical representatives and coordinates activities provided by external vendors. 
    3. Serves as a Community Liaison for designated communities and serves as a White House Clinics representative in local chamber of commerce, designated community groups, community activities/events, etc. to build presence in those communities. 
  1. Oversees overall facility to ensure function and appearance remain at organizational standard.
    1. Ensures timeliness of facilities work, maintains a running list of clinic maintenance concerns, and coordinates the work onsite with Facilities team.
    2. Ensures facility issues are reported timely and receive an appropriate level of attention. 
    3. Monitors all clinic spaces to ensure patient facing areas are well maintained, clutter free, and that staff personal items are kept to a minimum.
    4. Maintains clinic signage, removes old signs, rotates in new signage, identifies areas where signage needs to be updated or changed.
  1. Employees are responsible for maintaining a thorough understanding of their role in the protocols listed below, essential to the completion of daily medical back-office responsibilities.  Additionally, employees are responsible for maintaining a thorough understanding of the remaining medical back-office protocols, specific to less frequent medical back-office workflows, as found on the intranet.  All protocols are updated periodically, and employees are expected to remain current on any updates.
    1. Policy – Emergency Preparedness
    2. Policy – Patient Advocacy
  1. Assists with other duties or in other departments as instructed by the supervisor.
  1. Acknowledges that White House Clinics strive to be a patient-centered medical home and, as such, prescribe to team-based delivery of primary care services.  Recognizes that the completion of the above listed duties illustrates the employee's role in aforementioned team-based care and accepts responsibility for being an active member of the team, including identification of quality improvement opportunities.


Minimum Education
Completion of high school diploma or GED. Bachelor’s Degree in human resources, health administration or related field preferred.
Minimum Work Experience

3 to 5 years of experience at a healthcare facility, preferably community health center or primary care clinic.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.
Status: This listing expires on: 3/9/2024
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Organization Information
White House Clinics

Richmond,  KY 40475
United States
Latrell Floyd