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The Kentucky Primary Care Association (KPCA) operates a clinically integrated Independent Practice Association (IPA), which contracts with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, Medicare, and commercial health plans on behalf of KPCA members. The IPA aims to create a high-performing preferred provider network with financially stable membership providing cost-effective, high-quality, patient-centered primary care. In 2020 KPCA paid out over 3.7 Million dollars in PMPM payments and incentives.

*Membership is open only to certified members of the Kentucky Primary Care Association.

IPA Services and Benefits

Contracting with Managed Care Organizations for Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and commercial products

Negotiated rates and value-base incentives

NCQA Certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) and Credentialing and Recredentialing (CR) Services

For FQHC’s we have an agreement to enable Precision Health Care Delivery to act as CVO to assist meeting FTCA requirements

Monthly IPA Webinar to keep you up to date on contracts, incentives and other IPA news

Online reporting of claims data for your organization

Training and technical assistance tailored to meet your practices specific needs in order to maximize revenue and improve quality

Assistance with the 340B RX Program

Claims issues with MCO’s

CHARLI: No cost connection to KHIE and other resources

Community Development to support the expansion of primary care services into underserved areas of Kentucky

Outreach & Enrollment assistance for Medicaid and Exchange plans


Legislative Advocacy at the Local, State, and Federal levels

Annual Conference and Workshops throughout the year with networking and peer-learning opportunities

Group Purchasing contracts for office supplies, medical supplies, reference lab services, language services and much more

Health and Benefits Trust through Anthem

Assistance through PHD for loading new practitioners and sites for Medicaid

Representation at the Primary Care Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

IPA Services Region 1
Noel Harilson, MS, CRHCP
IPA Services Director

Noel Harilson
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