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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

May PCMH Quarterly Roundtable: Providing Patient Centered Care Through Active Patient Engagement

Start Date: 5/29/2024 2:00 PM EDT
End Date: 5/29/2024 3:30 PM EDT

AL  United States 

Organization Name: KPCA

Kentucky Primary Care
Email: astanley@kypca.net
Phone: (502) 227-4379


May 2024 PCMH Quarterly Roundtable: Providing Patient Centered Care Through Active Patient Engagement
Patient engagement is foundational in enabling and providing effective, efficient, and high-quality patient centric care and is also imperative to the success of a patient-centered medical home (PCMH). Encouraging patients to become actively engaged in their own care may not only lead to better health outcomes but also assist in greater patient and provider satisfaction and lowering of health care costs. Please join session facilitators BJ Bussell, BSN, RN, CPC-A, PCMH CCE, and Dawn Gentsch, MPH, MCHES, PCMH CCE in the upcoming May PCMH Peer Networking Roundtable session to discuss and share strategies for fostering patient engagement within your patient centered medical home along with sharing of best practices for conquering challenges that are faced in a health center’s day to day operations that may impair active patient engagement.
We invite and encourage participants to take the lead in this networking opportunity to discuss your best strategies and biggest challenges.
Topics to prompt and lead roundtable discussions may include the following:
1. What strategies and approaches are used within your practice to promote and enhance patient engagement?
a. Patient empanelment
b. Monitoring patient access
c. Patient satisfaction surveys
d. Care coordination
e. Shared decision making
f. Communication modalities
2. What are the biggest barriers and challenges to patient engagement?
a. Access
b. Staffing
c. Communication
d. Patient empanelment
All KPCA member practice personnel with an interest in improving patient engagement and a desire to network with other practices on this topic are encouraged to attend. Practices do not have to be NCQA PCMH recognized or seeking NCQA PCMH recognition to register. Attendees are also encouraged to have the most recent PCMH Standards and Guidelines available to reference during the session. If you need assistance in accessing the PCMH Standards and Guidelines, please contact BJ Bussell at bbussell@kypca.net.
Session Facilitated By:
BJ Bussell, BSN, RN, CPC-A, PCMH CCE, KPCA Assistant Director Care Management
Dawn Gentsch, MPH, MCHES, PCMH CCE, KPCA PCMH Consultant