Advocacy and Policy

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is caring about what you have and commitment to its protection and prosperity. It is the pride, engagement, and actions necessary to ensure policymakers at all levels of government commit to investing in, supporting, and promoting an institution of value.

Why does it matter?

Advocacy is critical to ensure the positive recognition and public support for your health system and the care you provide for your community. Engaging your staff, board, and community members in your efforts, events, communications, and changing needs i  imperative to strengthening the future of patient-centered, community-based primary care at your health system and the KPCA.

How will KPCA help you?

KPCA provides access to best practices in order to establish the infrastructure, training, information, tools, guidance, and general support.
Ashley Gibson 
Director of Member Advancement
Chuck O'Neal
Director, Member Support
Jill Martin
Clinical Dir. Behavioral Health