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The Kentucky Primary Care Association (KPCA) Clinical Services Support Program strives to assist members with KPCA member-driven continuous quality improvement in practice, leading to high quality healthcare delivery and successful participation in value-based care programs. Established program support includes in-practice services for meeting Managed Care Organization (MCO) and payer value-based agreement requirements. A 2020 expansion of program services also includes the addition of Clinical Education and Practice Facilitation support. Additional details of program services delivered by this collaborative team:


  • Supports practices to facilitate performance improvement initiatives in healthcare delivery leading to sustainable practice-driven quality improvement infrastructure in practice
  • Supports practice member-driven agendas with a focus on KPCA annually selected target quality healthcare measures for complete patient populations
  • Support utilizes standardized, accepted quality improvement concepts and principles including gap analysis, best practice guidelines, workflow analysis, rapid change cycles, etc.
  • Developing program with goal of 8-10 KCPA IPA Member Practices per PEA to foster long-standing in-practice relationships for quality improvement program infrastructure establishment as desired by practice; Formal PEA –Practice services expectation of minimum 8 hours monthly facilitation service


  • MCO /Payer Value Based Agreement support
  • Supports MCO/payer-driven agendas with practice-led engagement of support personnel
  • Direct Practice-Selected Support of:
    • Payer Value-Based & P4P Program Handbook &
      Communications with awareness and education as
      selected by practice
    •  Quarterly Review of Current Performance &
      Trending according to payer claims data within
      participating value-based programs
    • Direct in-practice support for care gap closure,
      manual supplemental data submissions, and risk
      adjustment reporting
  • Each QI Specialist supports Kentucky geographical coverage area of at least 20 KPCA IPA Practices


  • Supports education and implementation of:
    • Best practices for clinical quality and healthcare
      topics (disease specific, preventative, population
      management, care management/coordination, etc.)
    • Documentation and coding/billing best practices
      for quality measurement and credit.
  • Supports all KPCA members with membership-driven education
  • Support is delivered through continuously updated resources on KPCA hosted platforms, membership webinars, small group roundtable discussions, and on-site /virtual direct support curriculum established by lead educators in coordination with other Clinical Services team members and KPCA members

Clinical Services Team

Mary Barron

         Mary Barron, RN
    Clinical Services Director

KPCA-2021-Vella-028-Print-Color (2)

                       Jeff Vella
Clinical Services Program Coordinator

Michelle Stepp

           Michelle Stepp, CPC
Clinical Educator, Quality Coding/Billing Lead


Julie G. Parent, MHA, MHI
Practice Enhancement Assistant

Ellen Lacey

                Ellen Lacey
Practice Enhancement Assistant


Shantoria Gonya, MSHS, CHW, HS-BCP
Practice Enhancement Assistant

Deb Maltby

         Debra Maltby, MPS
Quality Improvement Program Lead

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